Chenyang Li(MonKey)

CS Undergrad

@ Xi'an Jiaotong University, China


Xi'an Jiaotong University

CS Undergrad, 2019.09 ~ 2023.07 (expected)

Computer Science Undergraduate

GPA (first 3 years): 91.278/100, rank 4/171 (Top 2.4%)

Papers & Patents

  1. Tian Xia, Gelin Fu, Chenyang Li, Zhongpei Luo, Wenzhe Zhao, Nanning Zheng and Pengju Ren*, "A Comprehensive Performance Model of Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication to Guide Kernel Optimization", IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems. 2022. (CCF A)
  2. Chenyang Li, Tian Xia*, Wenzhe Zhao, Nanning Zheng and Pengju Ren, "SpV8: Pursuing Optimal Vectorization and Regular Computation Pattern in SpMV", The 58th Annual ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference (CCF A)
  3. Haoran Zhao, Tian Xia, Chenyang Li, Wenzhe Zhao, Nanning Zheng and Pengju Ren*. Exploring Better Speculation and Data Locality in Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on Intel Xeon. ICCD 2020 (CCF B)
  4. 李辰洋. 专利:一种新闻聚合与智能实体关联方法(已授权) (China Patent, Granted)


Wangxuan Institute of Computer Technology, Peking University

Research Intern in System Security, 2022.10 ~ now

Conduct research on DMA security, under supervision of Prof. Xinhui Han.

NVIDIA Global Performance Lab, Shanghai

Software Development & Embedded System Intern, 2022.07 ~ 2023.1

Help bring-up an internal project from prototype to production-ready.

Contributed independently to Web frontend and backend, video encoding/streaming pipeline, Linux driver customization, Yocto-based distro building, OTA upgrade, and 3D Case Design.

Network and Information Security Lab, Tsinghua University

Research Intern in System Security, 2021.12 ~ now

Conduct research on hardware-software co-design security, under the supervision of Prof. Chao Zhang.

Institute of AI and Robotics, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Research Intern in Computer Architecture, 2019.09 ~ 2022.6

Lead research on SpMV performance optimization, under the co-supervision of Prof. Pengju Ren and Prof. Tian Xia.

This work is published on DAC 2021 (CCF A, 1st author) and ICCD 2020. And we has achieved 2.4x speedup compared with Intel MKL.

SpMV is a frequently-invoked routine in the field of HPC. But its computation features high irregularity, resulting a low efficiency on commodity hardware. During the research, I combined lots of strategies to improve the performance: SIMD, Multicore, Cache Locality, Explicit Prefetch, Row-column Hybrid Format, NUMA and Work-stealing.


rv5stage, a RV32I core with cache coherence support

Computer Organization Course Project (solo, A+), 2021.11
  • 6-staged vendor-agnostic, FPGA-optimized pipeline. It runs at ~70MHz on XC7A100T-1
  • Seperate direct-mapped I/D Cache
  • Simulate-everything with verilator to avoid FPGA hell
  • Coherence support based on a homemade bus and SI protocol
  • UART controller @ 115200 Baud

HougeOS, a multicore bootloader on RPi4

Operating System Course Project (solo, A+), 2021.11
  • It can boot from RasPi's close-sourced firmware.
  • I wrote a concurrent primitive library for the kernel, based on ARM-v8.0A LL/SC mechanism.
  • During the project, I found an early-stage memory attribute misconfiguration bug of ChCore (an educational OS from IPADS, SJTU) with OpenOCD JTAG debugging. This bug prevents the core from booting on real board. It is confirmed by Prof. Yubin Xia and Prof. Jinyu Gu from IPADS.

MIT 6.S081 (6.828) 2019 RISC-V Lab

Self-taught, 2019.10

I finished all the lab assignments in the course. And I got 41 star on Github.



  • Chinese (native)
  • English (academic communication), CET-4 574, CET-6 560

Programming Languages

Order by proficiency

Software: Python 3 (2012), C (2006), Java (2007), C++ (2006), JavaScript (2010), Nix (2022), CUDA (2014), PHP (2012)

Hardware: SIMD Intrinsic (AVX512 & SVE) (2019), SystemVerilog (2020), SpinalHDL (2021), Chisel (2020)


Software: GDB, Qemu, Linux Perf, Intel PT/PEBS, Intel VTune

Hardware: Gem5, Vivado, Verilator, Cadence Allegro, Cadence OrCAD, OpenOCD

Mechanical: OpenSCAD, Autodesk Inventor


CCF Elite Collegiate Award 2022

Nationwide, by China Computer Federation, 102 students

Tencent Scholarship @ XJTU, 2022

First prize scholarship (8000 CNY, 1/171)

Dean List @ XJTU, 2022 & 2020

University Scholarship @ XJTU, 2020

Second-tier scholarship (3000 CNY)

The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling, 2020

Meritorious Winner (top 8%, globally)

The National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, 2021

Second Award in Shaanxi Province

Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 2020

First Award in Shaanxi Province